Vision and purpose


to create handmade natural products that support women in cambodia and to bring those products from Cambodia to the world

What we do:

Dai Khmer is a social business founded by Khmer young Vichka Vantha that supports women to reach financial independence for themselves and their families by providing vocational training, employment. we are more than just another e-commerce platform as we connect you directly to the origin of where your products was made and the story behind each piece.

How we do it:

  1. Dai Khmer team who work on the ground, find the women living in poverty who want to become financially independent .
  2. we train and equip the women with the skill they need the become artisans.
  3. we connect them to resources.
  4. we connect them to the market (you!)
  5. the women begin to generate income to support their everyday living.
  6. they inspire others in their community, causing a multiplier effect.
  7. remaining profits are invested back into the business to scale the impact.


Cambodia, also known as the kingdom of wonder borders Thailand, Laos and Vietnam in south east Asia. in the 1970s, during the infamous and brutal Khmer rouge regime, one quarter of the country’s population were murdered. the aftermaths of this event have caused many social issue from unemployment to child and adult trafficking.

Dai Khmer objectives

the key objectives of the project are:

  • income generation enabling the artisans to become financially independent.
  • to preserve traditional skills
  • to promote culture heritage
  • to marry traditional skills with health and wellbeing.
  • to create a viable model that can be internationally competitive.
  • personal achievement and empowerment of artisans
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